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A card bearing this sigil will strike an opponent directly, even if there is a creature opposing it.

Airborne is a sigil that makes the card bearing it able to strike the opponent directly, even if there is a creature opposing it.


If a card with this sigil attacks a space occupied by a card with the Mighty Leap sigil, the Airborne creature cannot attack directly on that space and must attack the defending creature instead, though may attack other spaces directly by using Bifurcated Strike or Trifurcated Strike. An Airborne creature is still vulnerable to attacks from non-Airborne creatures.


In Battle[]

If necessary, you can use multiple of these cards to end the game quickly, or to ignore cards that are dangerous to defeat (such as Bait Buckets and cards with Detonator or Steel Trap), or have high Health, like the Mole, River Snapper and Grizzly.


Cards with this sigil are rather vulnerable, since they cannot defeat opposing creatures and are therefore incapable of defending themselves without the help of other sigils such as Sharp Quills or Nano Armor. To alleviate this, this sigil can be placed on a card with high Health, or can have its Health increased by a Campfire.


  • Airborne is the only Sigil in Act I with a Sigil Power of 0.