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The apotheosized Goat. The truest offering. Sacrificing it grants three blood.

The Black Goat is one of the Beast cards from Act I of Inscryption. If offered to the Bone Lord as a sacrifice, it will reward the player with the Boon of the Bone Lord. It is also one of the few cards that can be obtained temporarily from an item or by having the Boon of Goat's Blood.


The main purpose of the Black Goat is to be sacrificed for Blood. It allows the player to instantly play a card that costs 3 Blood, such as the Grizzly or Moose Buck. It also makes it easier to play the Urayuli.

If sacrificed to the Bone Lord, the player will gain the Boon of the Bone Lord, starting each game for the rest of the run with 8 Bones, allowing them to immediately play any card that costs Bones. Note that sacrificing multiple goats does not give you multiple boons.

Good Upgrades

  • Many Lives: Can be sacrificed many times to summon expensive cards. In some cases, it may be wise to give it extra Health so that it doesn't perish from an enemy attack.
  • Unkillable or Fecundity: These combinations have a lot of potential. For one, this can be used to level up Ouroboros infinitely by sacrificing Black Goat for Ouroboros and then Ouroboros for Black Goat. More generally, it can make a high cost deck extremely viable, as it allows any sacrifice to be turned into a Black Goat.
  • Hoarder: Allows you to search your deck for a high cost card to immediately summon using the placed goat. Can be gained by sacrificing a Magpie.
  • Dam Builder or Bellist: Spawns 2 more Worthy Sacrifice cards on the board, allowing the player to play many more high cost cards for only 1 Blood.

Bad Upgrades


  • The card's portrait changes if the player selects the goat's eye (horizontal pupil) as a replacement after using the Special Dagger. The new portrait will then have puppy eyes, a heart on its forehead, and what seems to be a lace bra or dress. This has no major significance however and is purely cosmetic.
  • Though the Black Goat doesn't appear as a unique card in Act II, it is a part of the Pharaoh's Pets card along with the Cat.