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You came across a small group of survivors. Faces shrunken from starvation, they huddled around a campfire.

The Campfire is an Event in Act I of Inscryption. The player meets five survivors gathered around a fire. The survivors invite the player to warm one of their creatures by the fire to make it stronger, but not out of any good faith.

Each campfire is capable of increasing either a creature's Power by 1 or its Health by 2.

Before the player's fifth run, their creature is automatically withdrawn after one buff. After this, the player can warm a creature by the Campfire several times, but each additional buff has a risk of losing the card. This risk increases the more the card is buffed, starting at a 22.5% chance on the second buff, a 45% chance on the third buff, and a 67.5% chance on the fourth buff. This allows increasing a single creature's Power by up to 4, or its Health by up to 8.

If playing on Kaycee's Mod, you can only do this twice with the second buff risking a loss at a 50% chance.[1]

If luck is not on the player's side, the survivors will eat their creature, causing a loss of the card. As compensation, the player is given a Hoggy Bank if they have room to carry it.

If the Ring Worm, Adder, or Long Elk is eaten, the survivors will be poisoned. They will be absent from all future campfires during the rest of the run, allowing one to achieve the maximum of four upgrades at no risk. Using a Custom Deathcard with Touch of Death or transferring the Sigil to another card and allowing it to be eaten will not result in the survivors' deaths. However, in Kaycee's Mod, any card containing the Touch of Death sigil will poison the survivors.


The Campfire can be used in a variety of ways, and generally every card will benefit from at least one or two of the buffs. Power buffs can help defensive cards such as Mole Man become more offensive, make already strong cards such as the Stunted Wolf more powerful, or allow you to win the game on turn 1 with the Mantis God. Health buffs can help defensive cards such as the Bullfrog with their role, add survivability to glass cannons such as the Rattler, or get more value out of cards such as the Wolf Cub or Beehive.

If you do not need them for any other purpose, it is worthwhile to put the Adder, Long Elk, or especially Ring Worm onto the fire several times. If the survivors eat it, then you will be able to massively buff any of your other creatures. In the event they do not, those cards will become extremely powerful.

Dialogue Event[]

  • The crackling fire lit the starving face of a group of survivors. "We have not food..." one said. "But perhaps... one of your creatures will join us? Enhance its power/health?" said another
  • "Warm a creature by fire? Enhance its power/health?" said a hungry survivor.
  • The fire warmed the weary <card name> and its enhanced it power/health (success dialog)
  • You suspected the intentions of the survivors were less than pure. With your <card name> in tow, you retreated into the woods. (Leaving dialog)


Sounds (Sounds found by "AManWithAFace")[]

Campfire_light.wav plays once the Player does a Campfire encounter

Campfire_loop.wav plays in a loop in a Campfire encounter

Card_blessing plays once a Card gains a new Sigil or Stat number

Campfire_putout.wav plays once the Player exits a Campfire encounter