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The unkillable Cockroach. It returns to your hand after dying.

The Cockroach is a Beast card that appears in Act I and Act II of Inscryption.


This card can be a weak meat-shield, because every time this dies, it'll stand on the field in just a few moments. If the card is upgraded with a Campfire, it can be even harder to kill.

The Cockroach is one of the only two sources of the Unkillable sigil (along with the Ouroboros), and is thus an extremely valuable card in Act I or Kaycee's Mod to pick up for adding onto other cards; for instance, the Unkillable sigil placed upon the Geck, Skink, and Warren can easily result in infinite sacrifice fodder and defensive options. This is particularly useful in Kaycee's Mod, as the similar Fecundity sigil was nerfed, and the sheer power offered by Unkillable is a great boon on higher difficulty runs.

Good Upgrades[]

  • Bone King can allow the player to immediately play it again upon its death, and do this an indefinite number of times as long as the player doesn't drop below 4 bones while the cockroach is in their hand.
  • Corpse Eater will infinitely respawn the Cockroach as soon as it's killed, giving the player partial protection from attacks.


  • The Cockroach having the Unkillable Sigil is a reference to the fact that in real life cockroaches are very hard to kill. For example, a cockroach can live without its head for a week and instead breathe through other body parts.[1]