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Events are certain occurrences and situations encountered throughout Act I, Act III, and Kaycee's Mod of Inscryption. They typically have interesting, unique, and permanent effects on the current run, be they positive or negative.

Act I Events[]

Note that all events listed are also available in Kaycee's Mod unless otherwise specified.

Combat Events[]

Event Description Map icon
Card Battle A normal battle.
Totem Card Battle Battle with a totem activated on the enemy side.

Tribe and sigil on the totem are random.

Prospector Boss Battle The first boss of Act I, found at the end of the Woodlands.
Bossnode prospector
Angler Boss Battle The second boss of Act I, found at the end of the Wetlands.
Bossnode angler
Trapper Boss Battle The third boss of Act I, found at the end of the Snow Line.
Bossnode trappertrader

Non-Combat Events[]

Event Description Map icon
Build Totem Create a totem with the Woodcarver.
Buy Pelts Exchange teeth for pelts with the Trapper.
Trade Pelts Exchange pelts for cards with the Trader.
The Prospector Pick one of three Boulders for the Prospector to strike.
The Mycologists Combine two versions of the same card together to create a stronger version with stats equal to the combined stats of the originals.
Card Choice Choose between three cards, with the ability to see each choice before making a final decision.
Card Choice (cost) Choose between three different costs in blood or bones.

The resulting card cannot be viewed before picking.

Cardchoicenode cost
Card Choice (tribe) Choose between three different tribes.

The resulting card cannot be viewed before picking.

Cardchoicenode tribe
Card Choice (deathcard) Choose between three different Deathcards.

This event appears after dying five times, and does not appear in Kaycee's Mod due to the mode's lack of the deathcard mechanic.

Cardchoicenode deathcard
Deck Trial Allows the player to undergo a trial of their deck, where they may select a desired condition and wait to see if three cards drawn at random from their deck collectively fulfil the specified condition. If the player passes the deck trial, they are granted a choice of three cards, each with a random additional sigil.

In Kaycee's Mod, the reward options each have two additional sigils rather than one.

Bone Altar Allows the player to choose a card to permanently remove from their deck, granting a Minor Boon of the Bone Lord in return.

Sacrificing a Black Goat grants a regular Boon of the Bone Lord rather than the minor variant.

Sacrificing a pelt grants nothing.

Mysterious stones Sacrifice a card to transfer its sigils to another card.
Gain Consumables Choose between three Consumable Items until you have reached the maximum of three.

If you already have three items, a Pack Rat card will be given.

Campfire May either be a health campfire or damage campfire. The player may choose to rest a card at the fire to increase either it's damage by 1 or health by 2 depending on the campfire type. Despite ominous dialogue, the first campfire buff is always safe, however if the player chooses to rest their card at the same fire more than once, there is a chance upon each subsequent rest for the card to be destroyed.

The maximum amount of times a card may be buffed per campfire is 4 in Act I and 2 in Kaycee's Mod.


Act III Events[]

Non-Combat Events[]

Event Description Icon
Ability Modify Give a card an additional Sigil from three random ones.
Act3node abilitymodify
Beast Form Choose a Beast to give a card the Transformer Sigil to.
Act3node beastform
Overclock Pick one of your cards to give the Overclocked Sigil to.
Gemification Choose one of your cards to gemify, allowing them to be buffed by Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Vessels.
Act3node gemification
Build-a-Card Scrap a card from your deck, then create your own card from scratch using a point-based stat-buy system.
Vessel Upgrade Give all of your side-deck Vessels an additional Sigil.
Act3node vesselupgrade
Card Choice Choose between three cards.

The cards can be viewed before picking.

Act3node cardchoice
Recycle Scrap a card from your deck in exchange for Robobucks.
Act3node recycle
Card Swap Choose one of your cards to discard in exchange for a new card.
Act3node cardswap

Kaycee's Mod[]

Note that this list only contains events that are unique to Kaycee's Mod, as aside from the Deathcard Choice event, Kaycee's Mod includes all the events from Act I.

Event Description Map Icon
Copy Card Select a card to be duplicated by Goobert. The duplicated copy may have errors such as slightly altered stats or incorrect sigils.
Kcm copycardnode
Leshy Battle While the Leshy Battle itself is mostly unchanged and also appears in Act I, it has a unique map icon in Kaycee's Mod.
Kcm leshynode
Royal Dominguez Battle The Royal Dominguez battle will appear instead of Leshy when the challenge of Final Boss is activated. Animated bossnode royal 1