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The tyrannical Great White. The master of the deep.

The Great White is a Beast Card that appears in Act I of Inscryption.


The Great White with its 4 Power is able to shred cards with its serrated teeth while also being almost immune from counter-attack by hiding in the deep with its Waterborne sigil. The best way to defend against it is by stalling it using Squirrels, or by out-damaging the opponent. Sharp Quills can damage the Great White, but will be unable to kill it unless the victim has enough Health to survive another attack or it is carrying the Touch of Death sigil as well.

The Great White can be found through card drop events but is far more commonly found being played by the The Angler.


  • The Great White will always have a red stain of blood on the card, in front of the mouth.
  • Powering up this card with the Fledgling sigil will change its name to "Greater White"