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The monstrous Grizzly. Its form speaks enough of its efficacy.

The Grizzly is a Beast card that appears in Act I and Act II of Inscryption.


The Gr1zz is the Technology equivalent of the Grizzly that appears in Act III.


A Black Goat can afford a Grizzly on its own, so if you have one, you can use it effectively.

If you see an enemy Grizzly, you need to be careful, as its 4 Power allows it to defeat most cards in one hit, and its 6 Health allows it to stay alive for a couple of rounds. A recommended counter to Grizzly is the Touch of Death Sigil, as it can quickly kill it.


  • If you defeat The Angler's first phase on your first run in Leshy's Cabin - or if you defeat The Trapper before your third run - the second phase of the Boss will be replaced. Leshy will say, "Too fast. Too soon." and his eyes will turn red; 8 Grizzly cards with the Mighty Leap Sigil are then summoned onto opponent's lanes.
    • One of the challenges in Kaycee's Mod makes this happen for all three boss fights before Leshy.
    • If you manage to pass the Grizzly cards and win, Leshy's eyes will stay red until the run is either reset, won, you encounter a Deck Trial, or the final boss fight.
    • This can also occur if Leshy runs out of cards to play in the battle just before the Prospector (i.e. the one where Leshy first uses Grizzly cards) on your first run, if you haven't gotten the candlestick yet. In this case, Leshy stays silent but all the other effects still occur.
  • The Grizzly also appears in Sacrifices Must Be Made, the game-jam precursor to Inscryption, where it functions identically but has 5 Health rather than 6.
    • In it, the Grizzly had an additional special behaviour where, if a Beehive was placed while a Grizzly was already on the board, the Grizzly would move to the slot adjacent to the Beehive and gain a unique, pleased appearance. This behaviour was called 'LikesHoney', and did not carry over into Inscryption, remaining unique to Sacrifices Must Be Made.
  • Grizzly is available in the physical card pack available on the Devolver Digital store page.