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The Kaycee's Mod Logo.

Kaycee's Mod is an official expansion to Act I of Inscryption, modifying the Act into a repeatable roguelike with many unlocks and challenges. It is accessible from the main menu upon beating the game.

To unlock new content, the player must reach higher "ascension modes" by winning a run while enabling enough Challenges to fulfill each Challenge Point (CP) requirement. It is still possible to play with less CP than required, but no new content will be unlocked.


Before it was added to the main game, this mode was accessed via typing in "givemeascensionmode" as the beta key for Inscryption. Since being officially added, clearing the Finale is the only requirement. On PC, it can be unlocked early by using the key combination "Shift + K + M". After it is unlocked, a red skull card will be added to the main menu, allowing you to access Kaycee’s Mod.

List of Changes from Act I[]

  • Tracked statistics, visible at the end of each run.
  • 16 new unlockable cards, with 4 being Rare cards.
  • 4 new unlockable Items.
  • Various new Sigils.
  • 10 new Achievements.
  • 15 different challenges; 11 of which need to be unlocked by playing the mode.
  • 12 developer entries containing lore, although they must be unlocked by progressing through the mod.
  • The Woodlands, the Wetlands, and the Snow Line appear in a randomized order.
  • Only one additional buff can occur at the Campfire, carrying a higher risk of losing the card.
  • Customizable map figurine.
  • Leshy's Trials do not take place.
  • By default, your starting deck consists of a Stoat, Bullfrog, and Wolf, along with two Rabbit Pelts that may be immediately given to The Trader.
  • Several balance changes have been made compared to the base game.
    • These are because, in the original game, certain cards were powerful because you were "meant to win" to progress the game. In Kaycee's Mod, the most powerful of these cards and sigils have been nerfed, the in-universe explanation being that Kaycee wanted to make a balanced game.
    • Ouroboros is reset to 1/1 at the start of every run.
    • Stoat has its stats reduced from 1/3 to 1/2.
    • Cards created by the Fecundity sigil do not retain the Fecundity sigil.
  • Deathcards are no longer created upon losing a run and can only be found in Leshy's boss fight.
    • Additional premade Deathcards are used for the fight, and any ones that you have created in the main game will not show up here.
  • The Ring, Clover and Fish Hook are unlocked by default.
  • A new event can occur starring Goobert and his painting skills.
  • Most puzzles in Leshy's Cabin are disabled or altered. This makes the Special Dagger, Caged Wolf, Squirrel totem head, Talking cards and upgrades such as the Greater Smoke and extra candle unobtainable, as well as disallowing the collection of Teeth from the skull.
    • The painting puzzle unlocks three new items, Magickal Bleach, Wiseclock and the Magpie's Lens.
    • The Gramophone takes up Goobert's spot.
    • The top door of the cuckoo clock displays a code when opened.
    • The Safe reveals either a pile of rotting meat if the code from the regular game is inserted, or an extra record for the Gramophone containing songs from the game The Hex (a previous Daniel Mullins game) if the code found in the top clock drawer is opened.
Starting deck background

Starter Decks[]

In Kaycee's Mod there are unlockable Starter Decks, which you choose at the beginning of each run. By default, the player starts with 3 such cards and 2 Rabbit Pelts. After the Challenges are chosen, the game will let the player trade them with the Trapper. However, if the player prematurely ends a run in the first area, the next run will have one of the Pelt cards replaced with an Opossum. If they do it again, their last Pelt card will be replaced by a Ring Worm. This is a feature to prevent reset scumming.

At first, the player will start with the Vanilla Deck but can unlock additional ones by reaching higher ascension levels. There is also a random dice button that will randomly select a starter deck from the possible decks.

Strategies can be found on the Challenges page.

Final Pirate Boss challenge icon

List of Challenges[]

  • No Hook - 5 CP. You do not start with the Fish Hook.
  • Smaller Backpack - 5 CP. You can carry one less Item.
  • Cloverless - 5 CP. The Clover is disabled.
  • Expensive Pelts - 5 CP. Pelts from The Trapper cost more. The Skinning Knife is unaffected, as it is not a pelt.
  • Totem Bosses - 15 CP. All boss battles will have Totems according to their preferred Tribe.
  • Tipped Scales - 20 CP. Start all battles with one point of damage against you.
  • All Totem Battles - 20 CP. All normal battles on the map are replaced with a random Totem Battle.
  • No Boss Rares - 15 CP. Bosses award regular cards instead of Rares.
  • More Difficult (two copies) - 15 CP. More cards with better quality (including stat lines and Sigils) from the opponent.
  • Single Candle - 30 CP. You are limited to one life.
  • Annoying Starters - 10 CP. Your starting deck's cards gain the Annoying Sigil from Act 3.
  • Squirrel Fish - 20 CP. The squirrels from your side deck become Aquasquirrels.
  • Grizzly Bosses - 50 CP. Switches the second phases of the first three bosses for 8 Grizzly cards with the Mighty Leap Sigil, similar to what happens in the regular game if you progress too fast.
  • Final Boss - 20 CP. Leshy is replaced by Royal Dominguez as the final boss of the run, with his own mechanics and cards.

More information and strategies can be found on the Challenges page.


Entry 1[]

OK I need to write this down NOW so I don't go to sleep and tell myself I dreamt it.

I'm working late and testing the latest build and out of nowhere The Angler starts FREAKING OUT. Like he pulled something up out of the river with his hook then he GETS UP and WALKS. There is no walk animation for this character! WTF?! He walked right into the cabin. I followed him in and couldn't find him. Leshy had some new dialogue lines that I CANNOT FIND IN THE DIALOGUE FILE. He said something about some OLD_DATA and how The Angler served him well or something.

I'm so tired that I'm already wondering if I made this up.

Entry 2[]

So I woke up and damn near lost my mind. I tried to recreate that bug with The Angler over and over and nothing weird was happening. Then I realized I was testing on a different disk! So i popped in the same disk as last night and HOLY SHIT. Leshy went 3D. What does that mean? I barely even know. Maybe I AM crazy. The entire game is different. Leshy took over and is 3D. I don't know anyone who would listen to me about this.

Entry 3[]

I've been playing this... new... Inscryption now for a few days. Work has been unproductive. I emailed some of the other devs - kinda probing to see if they know anything about this without appearing crazy. No dice.

The strange thing? The game is fun. Like it's actually a good game. But stranger still? Leshy. He talks to the Challenger almost as if he's talking to ME. It's freaky but not altogether unwelcome - I could use a friend.

Entry 4[]

I scoured the disk last night looking for some kind of explanation. And I found some really wild stuff. It made me think... what is the OLD_DATA and why does Leshy only talk about it when he's wearing The Woodcarver's mask?

I found some log from Mr. Kaminski. It was pretty clear when I met him that they guy had issues... but he seemed to be saying in this log that the entire development of Inscryption was a cover. For what? How infuriating if true.

Time to start another run I guess.

Entry 5[]

I'm addicted to Leshy's Inscryption.

It's far from perfect though. Some really unbalanced shit in here to be honest. I have my Ouroboros up to over a hundred thanks to the stupidly broken Fecundity sigil combo.

I decided that I'm going to work on making this balanced. And maybe a bit of an actual challenge? I'm making a mod! I wonder what Leshy will think.

Entry 6[]

Work on the mod continues. I was appalled to find that Leshy chose to use the Kaycee Hobbes' ghoul skull as a trinket on his shelf. He fills it with teeth for the Trapper after every boss... Kinda lame because it's tedious to keep getting up from the table just to collect the teeth. I'll have to hack that out. He'll hate me for it.

Entry 7[]

Some nights I mod, some nights I dig. I dig deeper into this log file and find things I sometimes wish I hadn't. This isn't just some disk Kaminski used to vent his workplace frustrations. This is like some real shit.

Every once in a while I get some context from The Woodcarver and it's chilling. This could all be bunk... or there could be a doomsday machine under Berlin armed by a code hidden on a pack of cards.

In other news I just finished implementing the Boss Totems challenge.

Entry 8[]

I could barely leave the apartment save for the odd dinner out with mom... but last night was an exception. I went to Comics Land to play a Secrets of Legendaria draft. Is it weird that I brought the disk with me? I felt uncomfortable being apart from it.

I ended up ripping a foil Sweaty Dragon but lost the first match to this weird dude who wanted to record it for his YouTube channel. Like he actually brought a camcorder on a shaky looking tripod to the shop! How is that allowed?!

Entry 9[]

Today I found out what happened to P03... Leshy turned The Scrybe of Technology into a Stoat card. I found the card on the shelf below the safe and laughed right out loud when it told me it was P03 and needed help. I handed it over to Leshy who was less amused. I guess this is the fate that the other Scrybes met... thought I haven't seen them yet.

Entry 10[]

Last night I brought the disk with me on a walk around the seawall and was THIS close to just chucking it out into the water.

If I'm right the Karnoffel Code is still out there and the machine is, incredibly, still ready to accept it. Destroy the disk, no one finds the Code, and no one can blow up half of Europe. Right? But I saw an otter which made me think of Leshy. Maybe we need the Code to DISarm the machine? Could that be right? I can't be sure.

I went home.

Entry 11[]


After beating the boss: No one will ever play this mod and, the way things are looking, they might never even play this game. But I'm gonna indulge in a fantasy.

Thousands of players play it and love it. They each find different reasons to love it and even love its imperfections. They make music and art about it that makes me see my own work in a different way. But even a simple comment can have this effect. It makes me feel like all my work mattered and then some. I am overflowing with gratitude.

...Well, time to finish up the Squirrel Fish challenge. Maybe I'll hit up Comics Land later.

Entry 12[]

Call from Mr. Kaminski at 9:45 pm. What the hell is wrong with this guy? He wants all the sample disks back at the factory NOW. What does he know? NAH TICK MASS[1] he kept saying.

I'm done with all of this but I can't bring myself to destroy this disk. I'm sorry. I've got a little wooden box and I'm gonna bury it with the disk inside. I'm writing the coords down and who knows maybe I'll burn them later. Leshy will thank me. The world may not.

Goodbye for now <3

  1. This is because of the Polish word for "immediately", natychmiast.