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The holy Mantis God. A perfect incarnation of terror.

The Mantis God is a Rare Beast card that appears in Act I and Act II of Inscryption. In Kaycee's Mod, it is a part of the Mantis God starter deck.


The Mantis God is a versatile card with good crowd control thanks to its Trifurcated Strike Sigil. If you increase its Power with an Alpha or a Campfire, it can deal substantial damage, as it attacks 3 times. Each +1 Damage boost from a Campfire is equivalent to +3 Damage for the Mantis God. It also can attack cards behind cover. This card makes a strong Custom Deathcard, and putting its Sigil on any high Power card can circumvent its low starting damage.

With only 1 Health, Mantis God is weak to Sharp Quills: attacking even one enemy that has this sigil will instantly kill the Mantis God, preventing it from doing any more damage, and the Sharp Quills can be hard to avoid because the Trifuricated Strike forces an attack on three out of four tiles. Thus increasing the Mantis God's Health is helpful.

Mantis God can also be obtained by adding the Fledgling Sigil onto the Mantis and letting the Mantis grow up in battle.

In Kaycee's Mod, a damage boosted Mantis God is a good candidate for Goobert's copying event.

Good Upgrades

  • Any increases to Power will be effectively multiplied by three due to the Trifurcated Strike Sigil. This can be combined with the Airborne sigil to easily win if you draw your Mantis God on the first turn.
  • Unkillable and Fecundity are also extremely powerful Sigils to give Mantis God due to Mantis God's low cost and high attack power, allowing you to keep up the offensive pressure.
  • Touch of Death allows Mantis God to instantly kill up to three enemy beasts, but does not protect it from enemies that are newly added in front of it.
  • Waterborne can compensate for Mantis God's low Health.
  • Fledgling will overall increase the damage output and its survivability after 1 turn of growth.
  • Loose Tail can increase Mantis God's ability to survive, but can put it out of optimal positions.
  • Bifurcated Strike will allow Mantis God to deal 5 or above damage. Due to the fact it can be played in turn 1 if it is in your starting hand, this allows you to win some rounds on your first turn. However, keep in mind that there may be terrain cards blocking some of the strikes.

Situational Upgrades

  • If its Health is increased, Mantis God can use Guardian, Sprinter, and Hefty to automatically put itself in advantageous positions to kill more enemies.
  • Double Strike (Kaycee's Mod) adding an additional attack to the centre is good against any cards which may try to kill the mantis god, however it may be more useful to apply Bifurcated Strike, so this upgrade is very situational.

Bad Upgrades

  • In most situations avoid Burrower, you risk losing Mantis God and its damage potential.


  • When you pick this card from a rare box after beating the moon at least once, Luke Carder says "Always pick Mantis God".
    • The inspiration behind this voice line came from the actor of Luke Carder, Kevin Saxby, who exclaimed that he personally loved Mantis God while playing the game.
  • When inhabited with a new Sigil, the Mantis God has a different glow effect with its inner eye appearing on the card.
  • In Kaycee's Mod, the game will track how many Mantis Gods are picked.
    • This doesn't count how many Mantis Gods have been owned overall however, as Mantis Gods created by Goobert aren't tracked.
  • Mantis God is available in the physical card pack available on the Devolver Digital store page.