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The Meek Sparrow. An inexpensive, if feeble, flying creature.

The Sparrow is a Beast card that appears in Act I of Inscryption.


The Sparrow isn't very reliable, bearing the same stats as the Bullfrog and Stoat in Kaycee's Mod, but with the Airborne Sigil. It can be considered a weaker but cheaper version of the Raven, so any strategy applicable to the Raven can also be applied here.

Good Upgrades

  • A single Campfire buff to either Power or Health can instantly turn it into a budget Raven.
    • Fledgling essentially turns the card into a Raven Egg with 1 Power, and grows into a Raven with more Health.
  • Sigils that allow for multiple attacks, such as Bifurcated and Double Strike.
  • Stinky increases its survivability, particularly early on.

Bad Upgrades