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The Squirrel is a basic card. Its only intended function is to be sacrificed for Blood. Unlike most other cards, Squirrels are not added to your deck, but rather drawn from a separate card pile. Therefore, they can not be upgraded via the Campfire, or fused with others. Ten Squirrels are initially present, and the player will start every battle with one Squirrel drawn.

The Squirrel can be used to block an enemy creature's attack. Searching through the Cabin may yield a Squirrel Totem Head, which, when combined with a Totem Base from the Woodcarver, will either let the player's Squirrels more powerful or make for better sacrifices. Almost any non-offensive Sigil will work on Squirrels, turning them into powerful cards with effective utility.

With the exception of the Amalgam, they are the only cards in the main game belonging to the Squirrel tribe.

Once you solve the final painting puzzle in the Cabin, all Squirrel cards in the side deck are transformed into Bees. In Kaycee's Mod, Squirrels are transformed into Aquasquirrels if the Squirrel Fish Challenge is selected. Squirrels obtained from the Squirrel in a Bottle are, however, normal Squirrels.


Squirrel Wrangler Win a battle with damage from Squirrels.

This achievement can be unlocked using 3 methods:

  • Using the Amalgam, which is part of every tribe, Squirrel included.
  • Using a totem to give your Squirrels the Fledgling Sigil.
  • Using the Leader Sigil on another creature to give Power to your Squirrels.