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Now that is value.

The Moon is a Special card in Act I of Inscryption. It is the sole card played during Leshy's third phase. The Moon is not a valid target for the Fish Hook or Scissors.

If all cards and Squirrels are drawn, The Moon will gain 1 Power every turn instead of Starvation appearing.

Squirrels humorously get caught in the orbit of the Moon if any are still on the board after the player's turn is over.

Kaycee's Mod[]

In Kaycee's Mod, The Moon gains the Made of Stone Sigil, preventing it from being invalidated by the Stinky and Touch of Death Sigils. It is unaffected by the Wiseclock item, but can have its sigils removed by Magickal Bleach.

Without Omni Strike it will only attack in the leftmost lane.



  • A card with the Stinky Sigil will bring The Moon's power to 0, meaning that it will do no damage on its turn.
    • Leshy will comment on the absurdity of The Moon being affected by the Stinky Sigil.
  • The Moon is vulnerable to the Touch of Death Sigil, meaning playing any card with Touch of Death and at least 1 Power (or Sharp Quills sigil) will result in an instant win.
  • Stalling the battle is unwise, as after you draw every single card, including Squirrels, The Moon will increase its Power by one every card that is meant to be drawn; consequently, it increases twice per turn if you have the Boon of the Ambidextrous.

Specific to Kaycee's Mod[]

  • Magickal Bleach removes most of The Moons abilities. This allows you to use Airborne cards to directly attack, and to freely stall it with Squirrels.
  • Having an Ijiraq or a card with Unkillable and Corpse Eater on the board guarantees a win, as The Moon will be unable to remove the card from play and therefore will be unable to deal scales damage.