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When a card bearing this sigil damages another creature, that creature perishes.

Touch of Death is a sigil which causes a card to kill creatures it damages in one hit. If the attack strikes the opponent directly, the sigil has no effect and the attack does damage according to its Power, as usual. If a card has 0 Power, it will not attack and this sigil has no effect.


In Battle[]

This sigil makes short work of otherwise durable cards such as the Mole and Mole Man, while becoming irrelevant when attempting to defeat Waterborne creatures and when attacking directly. This sigil is best defended against using Nano Armor, as the creature can only perish after this shield is removed.


The power of this sigil is in making cards with weak Power deadly, such as the Stoat, Stinkbug and River Snapper. It is generally redundant on creatures with already good damage since they may kill cards in one hit anyway, however it will also apply to any card damaged through overkill damage, so in certain cases the sigil can still be useful with high damage.

The Sniper sigil can synergize especially well with this sigil, allowing any enemy on the board to be instantly defeated. This sigil is also very useful with Bifurcated or Trifurcated Strike, allowing for multiple creatures to be defeated in a single turn. On the other hand, this sigil finds little use when combined with Airborne, as only creatures with Mighty Leap can be damaged. Finally, any cards with Sharp Quills gain the added benefit of instantly killing any card that damages them.