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A card bearing this sigil will strike each opposing space to the left and right of the spaces across from it as well as the space in front of it.

Trifurcated Strike is a sigil that bestows a card the ability to strike the spaces to the left and right of its opposing space as well as the opposing space itself, meaning that it attacks three times in a single turn.


When a card bearing this sigil attacks, it strikes from left to right. If any attack causes it to perish, then subsequent attacks will not happen. If this card is in the leftmost or rightmost lane, then it will not attack the left and right spaces respectively, meaning it will only attack twice.

If a card bearing this sigil possesses the Sniper sigil as well, then the player will be allowed to choose three spaces to attack instead of one, and may choose to attack the same space multiple times. If a space occupied by a Repulsive creature is attacked, then only the attack on that space will be negated.

In Act 1 This sigil will override Bifurcated Strike if a card possesses both. As of Kaycee's Mod V0.28, Within Kaycee's Mod Bifurcated Strike and Trifurcated Strike now stack, resulting in 2 strikes to the left, 1 strike in the middle, and 2 strikes to the right. Additionally if a card possesses Trifurcated strike and/or Bifurcated Strike As well as Double Strike, The Bonuses will stack, With all 3 allowing for a maximum of 6 strikes


Because it is an upgrade of Bifurcated Strike, any strategy applied to it is also applied to this sigil. Because the cards bearing this sigil can also attack their lane, they can still defend themselves from threat. However, due to the only one which bears this sigil naturally is Mantis God, which only has 1 Health, it is recommended to give this sigil to another attacking card or upgrade it at a camp fire.