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The level of brutish strength needs no explanation.

The Urayuli is a Rare Beast card that appears in Act I, Act II, and Kaycee's Mod.


The Urayuli has extremely high base statistics with its 7 Power and 7 Health, but also is very expensive to play at four blood. This card can deal enough damage to defeat any card or to win if played opposite an empty space. The challenge comes from playing it. Its blood requirement requires both four sacrificable cards and all four empty spaces on your side of the board.

One way to summon it is to have a card with the Worthy Sacrifice Sigil along with another card such as a squirrel.

Outside of Kaycee's Mod, an alternate plan would be to play a card with Fecundity on every empty space to fulfill the Blood cost quickly. Obtaining Urayuli may also be a good idea simply in the prospect of having the chance to obtain its Power and Health stats for a powerful Deathcard with a lower cost.

The Urayuli shares a weakness with Grizzly in that it only attacks once per turn. This means a weak wall can prevent it from tipping Leshy's scale and may even result in a loss for the player.

Good Upgrades

  • Most Sigils work well on this card. For example, Bifurcated Strike or Trifurcated Strike will help take out multiple units, Airborne allows the card to attack the opponent directly for a win in most cases, and Waterborne negates the chance of perishing to a card with Touch of Death.
  • Corpse Eater allows it to be played without its high cost.

Bad Upgrades

  • Waterborne prevents it from using its high 7 Health stat
  • Fecundity puts another 4 cost creature in your hand, making you sacrifice your first Urayuli if you don’t have a Black Goat.


  • The Urayuli is a mythical creature that is said to live in the woodland areas of southwestern Alaska.[1]
  • The Urayuli's cost and base statistics may be a reference to a card in Hearthstone named Flamewreathed Faceless, which also has a "cost" of 4 and a value of 7 for its Attack and Health. Said card became an infamous gag within the community for being allegedly too cheap for its statistics with little downside. It has not been proved whether the stats were intentional or a coincidence.