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The proud Wolf. A vicious contender.
(Wolf Cub)
The young Wolf Cub. It grows into a Wolf after a single turn.

The Wolf is a Beast card in Act I and Act II of Inscryption.

In Act I, two Wolves are included in your starting deck. They are later replaced with the Stinkbug and Stunted Wolf when they are found. A Wolf also appears as a part of the Vanilla Starting Deck from Kaycee's Mod. In Act II, the Wolf cannot be added to your deck, only being playable when a Wolf Cub evolves.

Wolf Cub[]

The Wolf Cub is a Beast card in Act I and Act II of Inscryption. After one turn, it transforms into a Wolf.



The Wolf is a strong card with great offensive power. If used correctly, it can lead to a quick victory and/or defeat most cards in one hit. To balance out, the card has low Health, meaning it can be easily dealt with even with defensive cards such as River Snapper. Its purpose is solely on taking down large amount of Health from the opponents before eventually going down. Wolf cards naturally do not have a Sigil, therefore making them a blank canvas.


As it only costs 2 Blood, it can be easy to play. If there are 2 dangerous cards with low Health in one lane, one Wolf can be placed to take down both of them or lower the back card's Health by a lot. Try not to place Wolf against something that can tank it, though, since most of them can deal with the Wolf pretty well on their own (unless it is a Mole or Mole Man without Leader's buff). Reserve this card because sometimes, it is much better to use it to take down a strong card like Amalgam rather than 2 cards which are strong against your crucial cards but nearly useless when attacking you such as Mantis or Long Elk. If granted an offensive Sigil such as Airborne or Bifurcated Strike, it becomes more fitting for its role.


When they appear, you simply can't ignore them, both because they can easily turn the tide of the game and because they are easy to deal with. If you are starting to get overwhelmed with a large portion of Wolves, a Mantis or Mantis God with the help of a single power boost (either from Campfire or Leader sigil) can clear out many Wolves to give you a breathing space. Cards with Touch of Death can be used, but aren't recommended since a single Wolf can be killed in 2 hit at most anyway.

Wolf Cub (Act I)[]

While the Wolf Cub is initially weak, if allowed to survive one turn it can provide incredibly high value, essentially being a half price Wolf. While using Sigils such as Waterborne and Sprinter can ensure that it evolves, the focus should be on its stronger form. The Stinky sigil is also useful in both forms, but there are better options. If one appears as an opposing card, prioritize defeating it before it can turn into a Wolf.

Wolf Cub (Act II)[]

Without terrains and Mysterious Stone event, Wolf Cub is significantly weaker as it now has no way to defend itself from multiple enemies coming in its way. Even still, if you can time your chance right, you can make out some value from the card, just not as much as you would expect from its position in Act I.


  • The Caged Wolf card releases a Wolf when it is killed.
  • The Wolf and Wolf Cub also appear in Sacrifices Must Be Made, the game-jam precursor to Inscryption. Their behaviour is identical but the Wolf has 3 Health instead of 2.
  • Wolf is not required in Act II for the "Collective Effort" achievement.
  • Wolf Cub has no pupils in its Act II art.